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Ravi Yadava, D.O., FAAPMR

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Dr. Ravi Yadava is a board-certified physiatrist with subspecialty training in spine, sports and electrophysiologic medicine.  In 2012, he added stem cell/regenerative therapy to his compliment of services.  His medical practice, Performance Rehabilitation, was established in 2001 and offers comprehensive non-surgical musculoskeletal care including onsite imaging and ultrasound, fluoroscopy, procedural and electrophysiologic suites, a stem cell laboratory, physical therapy, medical massage therapy and personal training.  Dr. Yadava is considered a "doctor's doctor" with exceptional examination and diagnostic abilities. He performs a comprehensive history, physical examination and performance evaluation to establish a precise diagnosis.  His objective is not only alleviating symptoms, but also eliminating the source and empowering his patients with knowledge to prevent recurrence and navigate the maze of today's healthcare environment.

Dr. Yadava joined the St. Louis Physician Alliance to collaborate with physicians who share a similar vision and passion for their work.  His private practice allows him to stay on the cutting edge of medicine yet still create a unique bond with his patients, which fosters trust and confidence.  He feels that private practice allows superiorly crafted and individualized service to patients as opposed to that experienced in more corporate settings.

To reach Dr. Yadava, call 314-994-9355 or visit

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